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paulus travels

08-03-2013 Friday

A new day so new possibilities I booked a tour to a temple of the Cao Daoism religion. (For info Clik here) and the Cu Chi tunnels. The tunnels are a copy of the ones that where used by the Vietcong to deffend the USA in the 1960ís. It was along ride today because HCMC is a big town to get out of and filled with traffic. But it was worth the trouble to see these two sites. The life in the tunnels has been a hard life and a lot of war was held in those surroundings.


The temple of the Cao Daism Inside the temple
Wearing white are followers The colors stand for the three parts of the religion _308328506
_308328907 _308329809
Singers at the temple
The left eye is the sybol of this religion Portrait of a beggar
Puppies we met at the lunch stop
The yellow part will rotate when staping on it
The entance of the tunnel system
A Vietcong trap that will damage your leg
Me in an entance of the tunnels system
An orther trap
Inside a tunnel you can hardly get in
extracting the explosives from a USA bomb

09-03-2013 Saturday

Because I will take a bus to Dalat in the night this morning I rested. And after all I was broken because of the two days of driving. One day at the rear of a moped and the other day in a way to small bus. Vietnamese standard. The afternoon I spend on a walking tour of HCMC. This walking tour is in the lonely Planet and brings you to all the nice things in the surroundings of the hotel.

The betaxo building the highest of HCMC Booze on the market Cigarettes at the market only 1 euro a  piece
Gucci is coming to town Strang boat at the river Concert hall of HCMC
Glass in lead
Ho Chi Min Him self Notre Dame's Cathederal
Inside the post office A tank at reunification palace The reunification Palace
Three dots of hair _309343614
View over HCMC from the 23 th floor
paulus travels
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