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05-03-2013 Tuesday

Waking up in Bangkok at 04.45 and ready to go to Vietnam. I took a taxi to Dong Muang Airport  home of Air Asia. The airplane left there at 07.45 and I was in Vietnam Ho Chi Min City (HCMC) at 09.15 took a taxi and found an hotel in a blink. So no problems like Myanmar. Tha Mai Phai Hotel for 18 us dollars a night. the afternoon I used for wandering in the neighborhood. Also had a talk to some of the locals who try to speak English with tourists for practice. When you come in the first thing you will notice is the amount of mopeds riding around. Absolutely the most mopeds I have ever seen. I also made contact with Ben a bloke I met in Myanmar. We will meet again on Wednesday. The part of the over 9 million people town where I stay has mainly low buildings. That is totaly different than Bangkok. While talking to the locals they told me that there are 30 people dying in traffic in all of Vietnam every day. So I have to be careful. They also told me that you have to take good care of your belongings here. Cameras they seem to like a lot. I had my first first Saigon beer in the evening and my first Vietnamese dinner. Both very well appreciated.


Cloth at the market
Big load on a tricycle
Street vendors Ceramics
Fruit stall
Old buiding
Flowers in the park
Saigon Beer

 06-03-2013 Wednesday

The day started by visiting an other market, sadly the sell the same products there as the one I visited yesterday. I headed back to my hotel and visited the park. At twelve I met Ben and he helped me out where to go in Vietnam he knows many of the places. So after lunch we went for a beer and some pool. The afternoon I gone to see China Town and for dinner in that part of town.


Street life
Counting money
Night time Saigon river

07-03-2013 Thursday

The trip around town was rather a disappointment. Riding on the back of a moped for over 70 km and seeing not the things I hoped for. Just 2 nce temples and a market.So if you encounter Lee in HCMC do not take the trip with him. After my return to HCMC I went for a beer. There I met Richard and Nicole and later Jan. We all had a fun evening with Vietnamese food and beers. Around 23.00 I had to go because of the next day trip to the CuChi Tunnels and a temple in Tay Ninh.


Left to right  Nicole, Jan, Richard and me
They transport all by bike Dolphin happy with garbage
A new Buddha being buld _307318005
Drying fish
Dogs going to HCMC to be sold as food

Hoi Jan Ik kom naar Dalat en verblijf in Dreams Hotel nr 2     200 meter van nr 1

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paulus travels
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