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paulus travels

25=01-2013 Friday

Well no China after Burma it takes another four days in Bkk and I am not up for that. So what to do> I should be diving I guess to spent my time well before I go to Burma. So I will leave tomorrow evening to Koh Payam by night bus.  Anfd find my self a nice quite resort and a live aboard trip.

26-01-2013 Saturday

After waking up and breakfast I go into town to wander arround and get a bus ticket. Damn my info was wrong so I ended up being at the wrong bus station. But I can go to the wright station get the ticket and leave. During the day I developed a head ache because of the air pollution. Happy to leave I had my share of Bangkok and I will be back,

27-01-2013 Sunday

Arriving in  Ranong by bus early and taking a liitle bus to the pier. Here we wait fot the ferrie to take us to Payam. I and a German couple I met go for the Bamboo Bungalo’s. My cabin is small but clean and all I need. So the afternoon I went to the diving company. Cool I can make 10 dives with them from the 2nd feb till the 5th feb. So the most important thing is done and now its time to take a rest away from Bkk. Oh ye Thay also have shop here called Rasta Baby. So I buy some weed and rest.

Waiting for the ferrie Fishing boats in harbour of Ranong Engine of a boat
My cabin , number 11 Thai Sticks
Rasta baby coffeeshop
Bamboo bungalows that is where I stay
Sun set

28-01-2013 Monday

So the next days I will reed books plan more of trip to Burma and just a little working on my tan. I have to be careful laying in the sun because the allergic reaction of my skin with to much sun shine

31-01-2012   Thursday

I did hire a moped to day and have been riding around on the island. It is very beautiful but a pity you never see the see in a see though. You are always surrounded by palm trees and rubber trees. It goes up and down. while riding you cool because of the little breeze you make in this heat. Arround 36 C and humidity 80. I have been to two very nce places This island is chill. But better do not go alone. In the afternoon around 16.00 a guy from the dive company came to tell me that the 10 dive trip was canceled. Bad vibes it gives me. So now I do two dives tomorrow and start at 06.00 .. So an other early night.


A quick run by speed boat to Ranong getting money for the diving Water lilie Dogs at the bamboo bungalo
An other flower at the pond
At the gate of the bamboo bungalows
Temple at sea
Bar made of driftwood Strange huts
Driftwood bar

01-02-2013   Friday

Awake at 05.00 and in time to get the boat for diving. We are heading for Surin island about four hours away. But there are a lot of waves because the wind has been picking up. Because of that we go slower than anticipated and the first dive we make starts at 12.00 . I love diving and I feel comfortable  The second I jump in to the deep blue. The dive goes according to plan and we see enough fish and other animals. After 50 minutes we surface an feel content. Nicely we are helped aboard and lunch is served. Of course I took my camera with me but a battery problem stopped me from filming (shit ) Around 14.30 we make our second dive and again a very smooth dive with some nice Murray eal and cuttlefish ( some kind of squid) . The dives were fine now we bring some of the snorkelers to the island so they stay the night at the island. At 17.00 we go back to Phayam and the boat ride takes six hours  we arrive at 23.00 a little late. So tired and sleepy looking for my bed.

02-02-2013 Saturday

Because all my plans had to change again, I decided to stay one more night and than return to Bkk by night bus

pano koh Phayam beach
Koh Phayam beach 06
paulus travels
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