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paulus travels

17-01-2013 thursday

Picked up my visa for Burma. So that was easy.

18-01-2013 Friday

I tried to to get my China visa but they want all kinds of info as bank statement and tickets. So I will try an other day. I also made some pictures out in the streets.


The roads cross each other in the air Crazy roads of Bkk This where I buy my jus dórange everyday
Same crazy roads in the sky When they build a house they have to build these kind of things so the gohsts can live in there Salesman in the street
Puppets for sale
Flip flops for sale Busy little shopping street

20-01-2013 Sunday

Today I took a bus from Mo Chit to Chayapum a 5 hour drive. Here Richard and Tawan are picking me up to take me to there little village an other 1 hour by car.I feel very welcome here just like last year. Tammie ( 15 year old daughter of Tawan) cleaned here room so I can stay in there. So enjoying the local food and a beer in the evening. Richard and Tawan live in a real small village, around one hundred families. Opposite the house is the local school.  Monday Richard and I hang around the house and take care of Sammie (The son of Richard and Tawan). Tawan is going to to a city to buy stuff for a friend who is going to open a little shop where they sell food.

21-01-2013 Tuesday

We wander through the village and richard and I talk about the local live and there habits Around six we go to the shop of Pam. Here are some of the local workers helping with building the shop. We eat some of the local food with the people out there.

22--01-2013 Wednesday

Ricahrd and I go by moped to explore the mountains which are on a one hour drive. In this area there is a lot of sugarcane produced. Suddenly we see a sign which tells us that there is a cave a little bit further. After arriving there we walk around a little and find the cave. But this is not easy to access. So go back to the moped and there we meet a monk. He tells us that up the hill there is better access to the cave. We are surprised because in the cave, who has a very big chamber, is a temple. So Richard does some praying and I take some pictures. Then we go back home to have beer and food.


Coconut become a tree Sammie little king of Siam Richard and Sammie
Childeren before entering the school after singing the  Natinal anthem Bringing the sugar cane to collection point Graves at the temple cave
Cave temple Buddha's in cave temple Cave located in this village
Mother of Tawan making cloth

23-01-2013 Thursday

Richard and I taking a bus back to BKK. Richard needs to do a visa run for extending his visa. I have to go back for applying for my China visa.

24-01-2013 Friday

I tried to get all the documents and tickets for China but I could not get a ticket from Burma to China. Now I have to change my plans. If I want to get the China visa it will take four days from Monday and that means I have to stay a long time in Bangkok. And I still want to do some diving so no China maybe late on in the trip. When I left for Thailand I already was not in the best mental state and thing did not change a lot. And these kind of things don’t help at all.

paulus travels
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