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Well going on a trip again. The idea is staying in Asia for five months. Why I am asking myself. After returning the 18th of January 2012 from a nice ten month trip in Asia I had a lot to do. Renovate my house because my landlord messed up when he invited some contractors. And further I tried to be a good friend to the woman I love most. My house turned to be very well again. And I was a good friend to her. I felt so good this time.

But the last couple of months in Amsterdam I did not feel ok anymore. Although being a good cook my food is tasting horribly wrong. After having my food it feels there is still a hole in my stomach just below my ribcage. Also my mind has been playing tricks with me. It made me a rotten person to live with myself, and for the people I love. And after earlier disturbing troubles with the mind, it scares the hell out of me. Also the back is playing up again because of the stress I'm in. So leaving might help or not. I know I should be happy with the things I have. A very nice place to live in, some nice friends and money in the bank. Still I feel rotten and can't change the mind set.

So am I running away or going to look for the things that my life is lacking of. In Amsterdam I could not figure it out. So hopefully these following five months will give me

 inside info on all of my mind troubles. And when those are solved it will be worth it again. Lately live has treated me with a feeling I do not wish for other people.

So here in Thailand (Bkk) I will get me a visa for Myanmar and China. After visiting those two countries I might visit Vietnam and Cambodia and return to Bkk and then Amsterdam.

09-01-2013 Wednesday

So enough sorrow. Bangkok is still very noisy, a lot of traffic and certain places very crowded. I arrived Wednesday The weather sunny 32/35 degrees Celsius, No clouds not humid so very very nice weather. So take taxi to my hotel and after a go to the seven eleven my room is ready. Double bed, big screen tv , airco, bath, shower, fridge and smoking. After a flight that took 17 hours all together I needed asleep .The evening meal I was goiing to consume with Hans. A Dutch guy I know through Harry. Hans and I met before in Bangkok so it easy to find each other. At The old Dutch Corner Bar.  In Soi Cowboy a famous little street in Bangkok. The ladies and Lady-boys are hopping around We also have a bite  at the bar fast and easy. Yes Thai food. Me like with beer. After the meal we wander a little through the town. And suddenly we find our selves surrounded at Annie’s. That is not my way of doing while Iam in Bkk. So after one more beer I leave by underground to my hotel. Hans is staying behind probably not alone. Waking up at 9 in the morning the next day I feel lousy. The famous jet leg. So I walk through the neighborhood a little and do some shopping at the 7 eleven and to some of the stalls I know to buy some orange jus and ice cream ( Magnum for 1 euro). Heading back to my double sized bed to look at a film and sleep, film sleep. The evening dinner again I go and see Hans. Always nice to talk with him about the troubles of this world. So we spit on the corporate penguins and their fascist regime. I wonder when there are new elections in the Netherlands, is it worth to go out and vote? What democracy?

11-01-2013 Friday

Iam starting to feel a little better the next day so off to Phantip plaza ( Computer heaven) Hot hot so back ad a film and dinner from a street stall. Grilled chicken and rice, the people in the stall remember me from last year. What prices gone up.!! I joke. But also here more tax sil (R).


Becarefull while walking the streets of Bkk You thinhk Amsterdam is busy?? The barber shop arround the corner of hotel
_111003404 Also in Bkk

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12-1-2013 saturday

Yep giving in  to my fetish,   going to buy some t-shrts and a 1 euro lunch at Phantip plaza. While being there I find my self some led strips for my house.  

13-01-2013 Sunday

Today I went to Wat Po close to the river flowing through Bkk. Also made a visit to Khaosan road the tourist area.


One of the restored pilars at WatPo The feet of Buddha at Watpo The head of the Buddha at Watpo
Buddha's at Watpo at WatPo Fish for sale
Black dressed lady in Bkk Khaosan Road
A golf course in the middle of Bangkok Wat Prun other side of river Bkk A sog taw on the river

14-2013 Monday

The first thing to do today is going over to the Burma Embassy to obtain a visa. Standing in line and just give all the forms to the lady and pick it up on Thursday.

Its nice to have no real plans. I had to bring something for Harry and Sunnit and was going to meet the in Bkk but things went differently. So I moved from Bkk by bus to Pattaya a 2 hour bus ride. No real punishment to stay at there place in Pattaya. 15 minutes from Pattaya, nice and quite only these birds, frogs, geckos’make a lot of noise while Iam swimming in the pool. A uitsmijter for breakfast at moeders with ham en kaas of rosbief. Life is hard here.   Harry is picking up after hospital and having diabetes. Sunit is with here family taking care for her mom who had an eye operation. I have to say. Sitting at the big Dutch breakfast table at Moeders. It feels like Amsterdam speaking Dutch and a lot of complaining. This time about the prices of he woman These guys are living with, and the  prices of houses in Pattaya. And all of them have a rough edge. The whole Gangsterdam underworld is discussed. How they Know?? My mom was right some of my friends are..........? But they are all fun to be with. Harry thanks for the stay and the good times out there.

Flowers in the garden Another flower A glimps at the garden
A view in Pattaya

 17-01-2013 Thursday

Staying at Harry’s was nice and relaxing. Leaving pattaya by bus. In the afternoon I have to get my visa for Burma. Very easy. And tomorrow apply for a Chinese visa.

paulus travels
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