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Wednesday 27-07-2011   The Floating Market

Today a 2 hour drive to Damnoen Saduak to reach the floating market. All though a tourist thing still very pleasant to see. All these little boats on two stretches of water. Colorful and busy. Here the bus loads of tourist are going in and out in a high rate. I think that most tourist want to see this so a whole industrie was build around it. Busses bring you close to the place than they put you in a longtail to go to the actual place and there you can get in an other boat to see everything from up close. I did not go on the last boat because it was way to busy with boats all ready. So I stayed a shore.

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Thursday 28-07-2011

While writing this I am sitting in the middle of Bangkok waiting for the bus wich will bring me to Surratanie. And than I will go by boat to Kog Pangan. I do not feel so well I do have a fever. I think to much air conditioners have been pointed at me. But in Koh pangan I will feel better I hope. At least there is some one who will look after me. Frans is there and he already arranged a cabin on the beach for me out there. So it will be better than the big Bangkok. It was a nice rest in Bangkok and I had a nice hotel. But the traffic jams and the pollution are driving me crazy.

Feeling sick makes you really think why I am I doing this. Sometimes you have these crazy thoughts. But a little bit later you see an other nice site or something strange happening and than you remember this is why I do this. so do not worry I do not want to go home yet but only wanted to share my thoughts with you.

Monday 01-08-2011    Arrived in Oh Pangan

I arrived in Koh Pangan on the 29th july. Frans came to pick me up and brought me to mytree house on the beach. Palms blocking the ocean and the sun. So a good place to chill and have a rest. I hired a moped and having fun to do everything by moped than distance no more point not to go anywhere. But no pictures or up dates for a moment just having a rest and pick up later and much more on Indonesia after 19th August

paulus travels
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