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Monday 25-07-2001    Shopping and getting ready for diving

Sunday the 24th I went to two places I havenít visited on my former trips to Thailand. Early in the morning I went to a floating market in the north of Bangkok. Taling Chan Floating market is just a small weekend market of its kind. The big one I am going to visit on Wednesday. This market is more on the streets than out on the water. But still fun to go there and see the Thai in there own environment because this market is not very much visited by foreigners. Here they sell a lot of plants and in particular orchids. And of course they sell food. this is sold from boats out on the water and you can sit on a pier where they serve it. A lot of fish and vegetables is on the menu.

Still alive and fed by the people with big lumps of bread Drying the fish More drying fish
BBQ Grilled fish lotus seeds


Klik hier voor gastenboek.

Orchids for sale
Thank you sir
Fill this up
Nice and colorfull food
Taken up from the stairs
One of the side prangs
one of the temples at the complex
Buddha's at the Temple

Monday 25-07-2011

Today I went to the MBK a huge shopping mall 7 levels and it took me two and a half hours to see it all. And I left with a huge suitcase so for the rest of my trip I can change between backpack or suitcase. Further on I did a lot of office work. Working on the insurance papers and booking the next part of my trip to the Floating market and to Koh Phangang.

Preparing food on a boat
Old woman selling food
Grand ma at foodstall
The big Prang of Wat Arun with Buddha
On the highest part of the prang
supported by many of these figures
Guard that will scare you
Monk blessing people and Buddha on background
a cook
Legs not to be missed

After the floating market I took a taxi to Wat Arun (THe Temple of Dawn) located on the west bank of Chao Phraya River.

The famous Wat Arun , perhaps better known as the Temple of the Dawn, is one of the best known landmarks and one of the most published images of Bangkok. It consists of a massive elongated prang (Khmer-style tower), and is surrounded by four smaller prangs. The prang is described by the Tourism Authority of Thailand as 104m high, while most other sources quote figures around 80-85m. It is decorated by bits of porcelain which had previously been used as ballast by boats coming to Bangkok from China, a hallmark of the reign of King Rama III. The Wat had a brief period as host of the celebrated Emerald Buddha, which now resides in nearby

Wat Arun from the side
elephants in the sky
more Wat Arun


paulus travels
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