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Saturday 23--07-2011

I entered Bangkok the 20th and the first day I rested and bathed my self in my hotel. Friday was filled with getting a visa for Indonesia and getting airplane tickets to and from there. And the evening I spend on watching a beautiful stage of the Tour the France. Wow what a joy that was I love the Tour. But I was not able to see it in China. Here are just a couple of photos of Bangkok.

Cars evne riding up the buildings Also Bankok underconstruction But not like China Cars, busses, motors and bycicle
Up and down Petchburi road
6 floors of electronics


Klik hier voor gastenboek.

Monks at the computer heaven
Wax monk puppets looking so real
a New hotel at the river

Saturday 23=07-2011  My friend Frans is in town

Today I took a short trip on the river so I could easily find the way to Frans hotel. He has brought my diving gear over and made me happy. Now I do not have to go to temples al the time. Now I am in Bangkok I realize why I like Thailand so much out here it seems to be more relaxed as China and the food tastes better although I like Chinese food. So a few shots for the day and than back to my hotel. I have to buy a new suitcase because the one Frans brought is to small.

Pirate in the streets of Bagkok
Bangkok van de 19e etage
The sun is out today so sunglasses to
Hindu temple in downtown Bangkok
paulus travels
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