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Here more about the 24th April 2017

Monk prying in main temple
Door nocker Temple from above
Painting just under the roof
Painting just under the roof
Lady monk
Monk on his way to ?
two door nockers
I like the trees
Big new statue
Pond with bridge
When leaving the park just saw this girl posing
Building with big bell Rad to temple in grotto wooden structure to grotto
P4240139 P4240140

In the afternoon I took a stroll through the park and in there are a lot of the tombs of the Shilla Era. I went there because it was possible to get in one of them. In there are some replicas of the real stuff they have in the National Museum in this town , I visited on day 1 in this place. And after that I walked the park.

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The entrance of the tomb P4240157
Here one of the Kings layed
People love dressing up here P4240165
The Koreans have something with these naked trees
Protect your self against polution
More tombs
Dinner time yumie yumie new camera works well Anapji pond
Bamboo at night
P4240208 P4240223
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paulus travels