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23 April 2017

Sunday morning good time for some torture. With the plan for today no problem. And the plan was going up a 468 m mountain. Called Namsam and the top is called Geumobong peak. On the road up a few Buddha’s along the way and some views and a lot of hiker Korean. It took me 3 hours to get up and 1 to get down. And arriving at the motel I needed a warm shower to ease the pain. But after all very happy that my right leg kept up. Most of the power is coming from the left leg on a surface and going up. The Korean people love hiking so they attack this mountain with very colorful groups. For the evening I had the same restaurant in mind but damned it was closed. So I settled for Sushi. I seem to have a small computer problem. I have internet but can’t receive e-mails on my laptop. And I can not use mozilla or internet explorer. Luckily I can up date my website by ftp protocol. And for the rest I use my smart phone. That receives emails.

About the Tombs Royal Tombs Dancing pine trees
Little pond at this temple
At the foot of the mountain a temple
Farmer planting his crop Body of Buddha The roas we take to bring all of this
Buddha cut out rock people made these little piles of stone
very old Buddha
Still to go to peak
I tought I was the only one
Buddha on rock face
o.6 km to go to peak. Damned hard
Your host at the top One of the groups at the peak
Temple at the middle of the mountain
On the way back flower gave me strenght A Maclaren in town. A young kid came out of it

24 April 2017

After a good night sleep I recovered from the walking yesterday. Ok still some muscle pain but I will walk that out of the legs. Today I went to the 1200 year old Bulguksa Temple.I went early so I would avoid the big run of people that visit there every day. When I arrived by bus the parking lot was empty leaving 2 hours later it was all filled up with cars and busses. Walking up to the temple there was this park filled with blossoming trees and all the people there taking pictures. Because of the lots of people visiting they organized the temple ground a lot. So I went to great Buddha in the main temple and walked the grounds. Afterwards I took a bus even more up the mountain to see an other temple in a grotto. There I have seen one of the most beautiful stone Buddha’s ever made. In the evening when it was dark I went to Anapji Pond to see some structures in the floodlight. And ofcourse I took pictures of most of the things I have seen today.

Blossom Blossom and more blossom
About the temple
Pond with bridge
Gate keepers left
Gate keepers are in this building Gate keepers right
Weeding the lawn
Monk at tmple
Door for my sister in law
One moer
P4240071 Drum and lantarns
Big drum on turtle Fish with ball in mouth
Part of the temple

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