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22 April 2017

Tonight I really enjoyed my dinner , so a good sign I am getting better. First thing to do to day after dinner was taking a bus to the Andong bus terminal and hop on an other bus to Gyeongju for a 2 hour ride. My place for staying is called the Apple Motel. And yes they use the Apple company logo. Arriving a bit early for the motel, they were still cleaning my room. So I left my luggage behind and started to walk the town. At 3 o’clock there would be a English tour in the Museum in town. It being Saturday there was market in town as well so I looked around there and shot some photos of the local people. And then I walked over to the museum. That took over 1 hour. The road I took was paved with other tourists ( mostly Korean People). The tour in the museum was about the Shilla Dynasty. That period started around 57 AD and lasted almost 1000 years. In that time the Korean peninsula was one of the highest cultures in the world.

Foods for sale P4220003 Squit
P4220009 P4220010
P4220019 P4220020
P4220022 P4220024
Coffe and molk
Korean people love the outdoor clothes in many colors
walking towards the museum bikes on the foot path
Dressed up and kissing yes one more gate
How bikers dress up
At a village part of town Puppets at a store
At the museum
Dressed up Monk on a bike
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paulus travels