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21 april 2017

When I am waking up in South Korea Dutch radio gives the latest news of the day I love to listen to it. And at the same time I drink my coffee and have breakfast.      Today I leave to guesthouse for a new day of sight seeing. Today it will be Hahoe Folk Village a World Heritage Site. There are more of these places in South Korea but here there are still people living. When arriving  I meet a French Thai couple who also stay at my guesthouse. So I join them for the day. They are here with two South Korean Ladies who invited the couple to go there by car. So we walk the village all together and have a lot of fun. Some of the houses have reed roofs other ones with roof tiles.

About the village
Wood carvings and mask makers
wood carving A traditional door With  reed roofs
Looks like a happy mushroom Swallow underneath a roof
Tiles and reed roofs
Little alley
At the yard of one of the houses
Yes I love these gates
one more
an other yard Just lovely blossom
Blowing the dandelion
Blossom Your host
Thanks for a nice day
Having fun at the sling Your host
Roof tiles as a fence
A see through
Your host at the view point
pano (2)

Going back from sightseeing today one of the South Korean ladies brought us back to Andong by car. I have to say the South Korean people are very nice and try to help you when ever they can. If they do or donít speak English. When I was in the guesthouse I had to go back to bed for 1 hour because although I feel a little better I still have to fight the fever. So drink water and tea, sleep . Hopefully better tomorrow.

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paulus travels