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19 april 2017

Today was a travel day I had to go from Samcheok to Andong. To catch the train I first had to go to by bus to Jeongdongjin where I had to stay 3 hours to take the train to Andong. But when I woke up I did not feel to well. But life goes on so hop on to the bus and train. At 17 .30 hours I arrived in Andong and feeling worse than in the morning. Everything I ate that day didínt taste very good. In the 3 hours I had left I took some pictures in the small village at the beach had a coffee and a sandwich. My dinner in Andong was shortened by the owner of the restaurant. They closed at 20.00 and I arrived there at 19.30 hour for some vegetarian soup.

Building a new train station in Gangneung Statue at the train station. Thats how they make a fence here
Time park sand clock contains 8000 kg sand
In the time Park is a steam train
A boat lift
Special place for photos at the beach
Getting a coffee at the cafe
A huge hotel build on the spot the left part is ready

20 April 2017

Still not feeling well probably a fever but how to buy a thermometer in a land where you do not speak the language. There is a app for everything. And yes I have a little fever. And what to do today. So I took a little stroll to part of town that had been moved up the hill for development in town. The houses there have some street art. And I wandered through town. But the biggest part part of the day I stayed in bed.

At the train station A school Mondriaan House
Streetart Just smoking spiderman and   Sorry I forgot
Turtle Three goats P4200038
Nice one Little pond in the park Woongbu Park
A door
The local; bell in park
Over view of the town
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paulus travels