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18 April 2017

Today I wanted to go to Samcheok to visit a fisherman’s village. There you can find the penis park called Haesindang Park. So taking 2 buses and that took me 2 hours After my arrival at the top of the park (easier to walk down because of the right leg ) the entrance was closed. So I asked around and the people told me that it would be closed all day. So I was thinking what to do now. Because another place for site seeing was at the other side of town and at least 1.5 hours away. Then I saw some old ladies walking in the park and climbing the fence. So I did so as well and walked through the whole park only a few other illegals where there. Afterwards back again by bus . At least it was good weather while I was there. On the way back in the bus it started raining so still luck Paulus.

First a few buildings photos taken from the bus
This how many people live in South Korean cities
More of them
More  flats they look to be very close to each other
Expenation at the start of the park
THe first of many different penisses
Most are made of wood
three in a row
Laughing one
One with a rat
One to sit on a bench
4 in a row
Three Korean dicks
4 benches
Big smile
at the side o0f the steps
Bended ones
Closed but with sea view
Looking over the sea
Last one
Dried fish
a few boats in the harbour
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paulus travels