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17 April 2017

So my first night in the Aark Guesthouse was a good one. There I met a French bloke Max band we decided to go and visit some sites in Gangneung it self. The weather was not very good infect is was raining all day. But what else you can do. Sitting in the guesthouse is not an option. Iam here only for 2 nights I thought at the time. In the end I would stay one more night, but you know why soon. But thatís on the next page. So for to day we wanted to go and see an old house ( Ojukheon) which belonged to an old famous family. The lady of the house at that time was a fighter for woman rights and her son was a well known philosopher . After that we went Seongyojang a 300 hundred year old property in the time owned by a aristocratic family . They where famous poets and writers.                                                                                                                                                         And ending the day at the Chamsori Gramophone and Edison Museum there you can see hundreds of different gramophones and other inventions by Thomas Edison. As well  a part is dedicated to the film industry . So you will find a lot of old televisions, film cameraís and cinema equipment. At first we thought what can this be but it seemed to be one of the biggest collections in the world . Mister Chamsori owned a cement factory and that is how he was able to get all of this together. And yes I remembered a lot of the old gramophones and televisions. Going back a long time. Also they made us listen to some of the first recoprdings made in the world. After all a very nice day despite of the rain                            

A pet shop in town A building in Gangneung Just to show how they build
Little side street with my guesthouse The Aark
Korean money 1300 won is 1 euro
The philosopher and on the note of 5000 won
The wet square and the main house
The fighter for woman rights and on the 50000 won note
Your host  in the 5000 note P4170295
Nice Kimono's
The port to the living quarters The port from the other side
The Seongyojang complex

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Inside the complex These houses had floopr heating
Inside the complex
Little pond
restored but still the old roof
Slot machine lady
Do you remember
Great invention
The museum
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paulus travels