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16 april 2017

After the first nice day I was recovered of the hangover. The good night sleep and breakfast in  a nice guesthouse in Sokcho helped a lot. We moved to Yangyang a place just below Sokcho. There we visited a temple and did our morning ritual by greeting Buddha. But then it was time to let the little big man Chris out for some playing at the beach. And of course we had to have lunch. We had buckwheat noodle soup. One of the famous foods in this area. And up to the next temple . The first one we went to was over 400 years old this one is a very new one. So less interesting but still nice to see . I am lucky that the Chinese government is forbidding the Chinese to go to South Korea at the moment. Otherwise it would have been very busy at the places we went to Sanghun told me.

Just a flower that caught my attetion Blossom period
Entance for the temple
One of the doors
Complex roof with beams and wonderfull paintings
another door
Morning prayers
Korean Pine tree with view over the sea
Orca breaking the wall
At the sea man is collecting seaweed
Big frog from stone
Little carved monks
And now smile

Afterwards Sanghun and family brought me to my guesthouse in Gangneung. We had some dinner in there and than we had to say goodbye. The way I was treated the last days was just amazing . So thanks to Sanghun , Sunny and Chris . As you know you are welcome in Amsterdam.

Two hand holding a aplle
Part of the roof
400 year old pillar with painting
Try to throw you money in the bowl
Street art
Chris ringing the temple bell
More carving
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paulus travels