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1 may 2017 evening

I left the guesthouse around 17.00 hours it takes 45 minutes to get to the Lotte Tower by underground. ( yes Seoul is a big town ). I wanted to have a look over Seoul whan it was dark. So I planned to walk through the 9 floor Mall in side the tower first, and have some dinner in there as well. Yes 9 floors and filled with the most beautiful, expensive brands shops. Gucci, Breitling and other high end branches. All set up in a very well decorated areas. I have not seen such shops in the Netherlands yet.

For going up to the observation floors you by a ticket and then you will be escorted to the elevator. The elevator goes so quick you can feel your ears popping a bit. In the elevator they give you a start of the experience by having all screened walls where they play a video that shows you what you would see going up on the side of the building and then you reach the sky. Just done real nice. It will bring the company a lot of money because there are so many people going up and down constantly. In my elevator 12 people. So count 12 times 22 euro and that every 5 minutes and with 2 elevators. There are 450 people allowed on the top floors at the time. Looking over seoul from 485 meters is really awesome.

P5010001 every one uses his smart phone steps light up when stepping on
P5010014 P5010021 P5010030

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P5010080 P5010083 Lotte adventure world seen from above
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Han river
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Guy saluting the metro
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paulus travels