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1 May 2017

Still excited about yesterday a new day has broken so the plan for the day developed slowly after waking up. Looking in my travel bible the Lonely Planet I saw that one of the things I still had on the list was to go to Bukchon Hanok Village. This is a concentration of Hanok  (traditional Korean homes) So I walked the streets there according to a walking tour described by the Lonely Planet. After the walking tour I visited the Gyeongbokgung ( The palace of Shining Happiness) In there are a lot of people visiting. Also a lot of people dressed up for the occasion. You can hire these costumes in a shop close to the palace. Many of them ask me to take a photo for them with their cellphone. And when they do so it brings opportunity for me, so I can make a photo of them with my camera. 


little door  a bit bigger door Church in Bukchon
Crazy about super heroes
P5010108 Water drainage
P5010111 P5010115 P5010118
Hard to get rid of the tourists P5010123 The later the more tourists
P5010129 P5010128
P5010131 A ruined Mercedes as art. Not a Pollock

A few photos taken at the Korean Folk Museum and going over in to the Gyeongbokgung Palace

Dressed up with big shining egg Taking a selfie

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The royal pond
Tea house
The libary inside
Older people dressed up
Group dressed up kids easy to esemble
Palace guard
nice beard man
Thank you ladies you look awsome
The libary
ceilling of the libary
Big Hall
please will you tak a picture of us.
Big square before the palace
Same ladies a little later out side of the palace

Around 15.00 I returned to my guesthouse. Just to unload my photos and have a little rest. So I would be ready for the next part of the day. I am going to the Lotte Tower. The 5th highest building in the world at this time. The Lotte Tower is 554 meters high and has the worlds highest observation deck. It is 27000 won to get up there but Iam not every day in Seoul . 27000 won is almost 22 Euro very expansive I would say. But in the end it was worth it. Look for the phtos on the next page.

An other door
see through
Palace guard
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paulus travels