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April 28 2017

I do not know if I am ill or not. I do not have a fever but my stomach feels strange and empty. So what to do? Every time I eat the local food the next day I am off a bit and when I eat pizza I start feeling a bit better the next day. So I have to change my diet. Maybe it is the fermented parts in the local food that upset me. Tonight it will be pizza. But for to day not feeling so well. So I am not doing any thing special. Just walk the town a bit after all the weather is fine. Sleep a little in the afternoon and go to bed around 22.00. Tomorrow I have a day of travel. I will move from Busan to Seoul.

Yes building is going on here too At the Jagalchi market at the market
elderly lady
I have stopped smoking talking about fish
Old woman seller wooden boxes for clamps 3d street art
3d street art
so much information overwhelming
3d street art
statues at harbour walk
Collector of carton
Puppets in a machine
Sponge Bob
smart phone covers
girls shopping
Training in the park
Fake stone wall in park
Lotte shopping mall
Plastic food looks real
Girls strolling
In the mall
Sushi bar in the mall
in the mall
Peace man
Many brands of beer
Shoe shop
shopping girls
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paulus travels