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27 April 2017

Because the weather changed today I did the things I planned for Yesterday. So the plan is going to The Beomeo-Sa  Temple. This is a very important temple for the Buddhists in Korea. In this beautiful temple complex set in the mountains is still in use as meditation center. By taking the underground for more than one hour and then a bus. I thought now Iam there, but I still had to climb up for 20 minutes. When I reached the complex it was worth it. So I wandered around there and visited some of the places where people come to preach and chant. So calming. There are some more little places on the face of the mountain so more climbing to do. The temples are many times high in the mountains because in the old days the rulers tried to banish the Buddhists in favor of them self. After visiting the temple I took the underground for five stops to a cable car ride to the top of a mountain looking over Busan. And on the top is also a fortress. So another 30 minutes up and down to the south gate of it. Because the signs to the fortress are mostly in Korean it was hard to find. Asking the way was not an option because there are not a lot of people during week days. After returning back to the guesthouse and going for dinner. I crashed at 21.00 hours in my bed. The walking in the mountains is very demanding on my legs and getting harder every year.

Roofs of the temples up and down up and down. Pfffff Coming to the main temple
Lampoons are here for the birthday of Buddha 29-04 P4270020 P4270023
P4270026 Inside a temple P4270031
P4270035 Praying
P4270045 P4270047
Learning about Buddha at a young age
Praying and chanting P4270084
Hidden in the mountains temple complex from above
Steaming dumplings
P4270102 Dumplings
P4270114 Busan from above
South gate
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paulus travels