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 25 April 2017

Today was a day of travel and the bus was leaving at 11.00 so easy starting for an old man. The bus would take me from Gyeongju to Busan. Busan is a large town in the Southeast of  South Korea. The bus ride took 1 hour and is always nice to see the landscape. I tell you this country is filled with mountains. Maybe not the highest but they are every where you look. After the bus arrived at the terminal I had to change to the underground and after a little walk I reached my guesthouse. It is in the middle of a very busy shopping and food area. I donít know if Iíam dreaming or still a bit ill, these sudden sweat problems worry me. I have to be of good health for my scuba diving in Palau. Coming in to a big city again overwhelmed me a bit, the noise, so many people and all the cars and busses. Here in Asia cities are so much bigger then the small town (Amsterdam) were Iam living. So I walked around a bit had some dinner and prepared for the next day.


Fat Bike the new thing in Korea Signs all over every building Dr Scalp the name made me make a photo
city map If you need new high heels
Stalls for evening food market

26 April 2017

Everything I planned for to day goes out of the window. Why? When waking up it was raining and the weather forecast tells me that it will rain all day. So I decided to have walk in town and visit the Biggest fish market of Korea ( Jagalchi fish market) and the Lotte shopping mall. And while walking around I would see what else I could do.

Jagalchi fish market Frsh fish Shell fish
Octopus walking the street frozen fish octopus
Dried fish dried fish one portion
I ate these and not my thing big crab trying to escape
Chopping the fish
your host reflected in a fish Still raining
Knife shop at the fish market for the people working here

Moving over to the Lotte shopping mall. This is a huge shopping mall with everything in there . Clothing shops a super market a cinema, food court and fitness centers and much more

The main hal;l of the Lotte Mall
Play robot wars for kids
Wine shop

Just in the afternoon the weather became better it stopped raining and even the sun came out a bit. So I extended wy walking tour to the Busan Tower ( shit closed) and a in the top of the Shopping mall to have a look all over town.

Japanese Restaurant
Flowershop in Busan ( all plastic)
Staue of man working on boom machine

Views from the Lotte Shopping Mall over Busan

The things you can eat Nuclear steak?? Kid department
Lady cleaning the escalator Your host reflected in elevator
A umbrella bag machine
cooling instalation on top of the building
Busan Tower
I do not know
Accordian player Maybe better burger then drummer
Jagalchi Fish market
The harbour
pano 102
P4260143 So much signs Food stalls by night
Busan by night
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