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South Korea


On the 13th of April 2017 I left Amsterdam to visit South Korea. First stop was Frankfurt there I only had to wait for 1.5 hour for the next flight to Seoul. That flight only took 9 hours and 45 minutes. I hardly slept so when I arrived in Seoul I took a little nap. Because Sanghun a friend of me was picking me up at 17.30 hours to take my diving gear and after bringing that to his house we went out for some food. Try it too the Korean BBQ is very nice. With it we drank a lot of  alcohol. After the food we went to a fancy drinking place in town. If you buy a bottle of whisky there and when you come back next time they will bring out your own bottle. After a few glasses we moved to a friend of Shanghun. He had rented a private box and there you drink a laugh a lot. It was in the Gangam style. And there where also a lot of beautiful Korean woman. When I returned to my Guesthouse I was so tired and a bit drunk so I fell a sleep and woke up with a terrible hangover. Korean Style.


The Woo family Dinner time in Seoul having Korean BBQ Jagermeister
Drinking in the disco Seoul building Dancing girl

15-04-2017 Seoul to Sokcho

With the hangover one for Sanghun and one for me we all left for Sokcho to visit the Seorkasan National Park. It was a four hour car ride with stops. So we arrived at the park around 14.00.. There you can visit the temple and take a cable car to one of the tops of the mountains. Very nice bolder rocks. See below.

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Chris and me at the entance of the park Sunny and Chris at some Korean Pine trees view on the river from cable car
more rocks
Big rocks
Finally we reached the top. and we are not alone
a view
these ladied were making photos everywhere
People climbing on rocks for posing Sanghun and Chris just rocking
Graffity in Sokcho Crabs for the picking and will be cooked for you
Light house from Sokcho
light pleasure at the harbour
dried squid
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paulus travels