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Singapore 23 and 24 -02-2016

After a lot of walking through Singapore’s Gardens at the Bay I spend some time at the Hostel. There somebody told me that at night there is a light show at the Gardens t the Bay. I also wanted to go for a cheap dinner at the hawker center. So I planned both on the map. Damned a lot of walking for one day. But for the next and last day I wanted to go and solve the dive computer problem. So this was the time to go again to the Gardens. I took my tripod and the camera, and like every walk take some water. Quite a lot of people showed up for the light show. So join me it is free for you.

Night fall over Singapore The man made trees lighted a bit allready The show is about to start
red lights and music even the canopy walk is lighted
Green and red not completly sharp
Nigt photgraphy not so easy Green lights and sharp
Double trees
Lighted trees and the Sands in one shot
Offices in the light

I hope you have enjoyed the show. I did !!.

The next day it rained all day so going to the light show yesterday evening was a nice plan.

The 24 th I planned to change my dive computer or worst case scenario, buy a new one. The last two weeks I mailed a lot with my scuba shop in Amsterdam . Laszlo the owner even offered me to send a new one to me. But I do not know in front where I will be, and certainly not 10 days before. So he really did his utmost best. So I asked him if the dealer (Mares) would be able to help me out. They could call a scuba shop in Singapore so I could change it there. But these guys are very incompetent. They where not able to do so.  So I looked or a scuba shop who is selling Mares as well. I found one on the Internet. Arrived there by Mrt that shop did not have them in stock but the owner gave me the address of the importer of Mares in Singapore.So I took the Mrt to cross halve the country. Arrived at the Importer I explained my problem. Due to the time difference we could not contact Mares.But he had the computer in stock. And he did a good offer. So they took me by car to the money machine. And then I bought a new one. My own scuba shop already written to me that he would refund me for my old computer. And then it was 15.00 hours before I returned to the guesthouse a happy man. Not money wise but for the sake of save diving. Around 19.00 I went for dinner with a German guy who also stayed at the hostel. Returned a gain we had a really good evening with some of the people staying in the hostel as well. Beers, wine and a lot of laughter.  I did pack al my stuff in the afternoon and updated my website so leaving the 25 th was a piece of cake. Yes moving to Borneo.

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paulus travels
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