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Singapore 22-02-2016

Finally arrived in Singapore. Sleeping in the train was hard and stress full. At the bus station I asked a girl how to get to China Town ( guesthouse in that area ) She helped me by taking me with the bus to a Mrt Station to show me the way there by underground. She helped me out fine. Then a 3 minute taxi ride and yes there it was The Hong Kong street hostel. A very nice and cozy guesthouse. My room not so big but Iam here only for 3 days so what! In the mean time it was around 16.00 hours  And at 18.00 started to walk the area a bit. Always love the China Towns busy streets, street food and cheap beers. Although Singapore is not a cheap town by any means. Room around 40 euro a beer 7 food it depends where you take it.

There are cheap food plazas but hard to find the first day. In here most things are inside shopping malls. They have airco because Singapore temperature normally 35 C and humid.

Walking around I entered the bay area around 19.00 hours and the sun was setting. It was very busy there, many tourists. This area is well known by the lovers of formula 1. Here once a year formula 1 cars ride a street circuit. All the lights started to show in the darkness of the evening and it became very nice. A little later a water show, given every night, started. So Paulus was happy. Take some photos and later go for some food at the boat quay. Had some big shrimps and pineapple rice. Ok with a beer. 35 euro .

In China Town
Sun setting over Singapore
Left over from Chinese New year Most buildings are new but the old ones are very nice
Lights are turned on The Sands Hotel by night

Afterwards time to hit the deck

Singapore 23-02-2016

I was told to go and see Gardens at the Bay. A huge free park to roam. In there some really remarkable thing. It is like a man made jungle, but then different. First a 30 minute walk to the bay area and then to the Sands Hotel go through and you can enter the park.

Aircon alley Boat Quay 09.00 Selfie in ball mirror
Statue at water front An other artfull statue
One moer of them
High rise office window cleaners
Art of hearing
Reflecting a building in a building Louis Vutton shop
Office space and flowers
Selfie with strange building in the bay area
Batwoman and Bat motor
shopping mall
Walk way in Sands Hotel water works at Sand Hotel
View from 56 floor Sands Hotel
Panoramic view bay area
Corner 16 fomula 1 and the Singapore flyer Gardens at teh Bay with ships waiting for the harbour Strang building from above
Window repair men at sands hotel Man made jungle in Gardens at the bay The Sand Hotel
Awsome trees Canopy walk in the Gardens at the bay.  3 euro
Man Made coverd with real plants
Kids water park
Strang bone structure
Metal birdie
Birdie and The Sands Hotel
A part of the Sands Hotel
Beary Best Hotel
Building close to Hostel
paulus travels
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