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Batad 26-04-2016

After my first day walking in Batad I slept very well. And for the next day I went to see an other view point. But after walking 1 hour I started to feel the day before. The plan was a 4 hour walk but when we did 2 hour I already could for see troubles with my right knee. The walk was very heavy so I told Berto that we had to go back because we had to go up at least for 1.5 hours and my knee hardly made. But do not worry I am not coming back jet. And I still made some nice pictures. After this day Iin the evening the bus would leave for Manila at 19.00 so first from Batad to Banaue hang out there and than the night bus. Get your warm clothes ready because they freeze you to death in these air con busses.

You come from the left and have to step thes stones sticking out Berto the little goat takes these steps easily _4262833
The river crossing to the view point
River filled with rocks
Batad rice paddies
Batad ricepaddies 2
Batad rice paddies 3

On to Manila and scuba diving more on that later. Have a nice Kingsday. I will have a beer on the King and Queen

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paulus travels