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Philippines 23 24 and 25 -04-2016

On the 23th I tried to get a ticket for the night bus to Batad but the tickets where sold out because of the weekend so I had to decide quick because I had booked my guesthouse in Batad for the 24 th. So the decision was taking a day bus at 11.00 am to Baguio and as told I could take a mini van from there to Banaue and from there a tricycle to Batad. What I did not count for that the first part to Baguio would take 8 hours. So I arrived there at 19.00 hours and had to stay there over night. I had to pay to much for a crappie hotel and take a minivan the next morning at 08.30 am. The minivan to Banaue took till 14.00 and then a tricycle to Batad. so I got to the last stop at 15.00 pm and then I had to walk an other 25 minutes in to the little village Batad. There are no roads because it is build on steep slopes.But when I arrived the view was great from my hostel, and the beer tasted better then ever.The next morning I arranged a 12 year old guide who would take me to a view point and to a waterfall. I just tell you it was hard and took 5 hours. but here ar the results.

This picture is taken in Banaue Your host in Banaue and happy almost there This is my hut very basic
View from my hostel hut One of the family members they are not all dressed like that
Started walking I met the guy on the right the one  on the left is my guide Bertho
Rice paddies will be harvested in july The roads we walk to bring you this website
Sun reflecting in the rice paddie
Bertho at the rice paddies her you can see  how high the walls are
looking down
Reached the watrefall
Rice everywhere Little kid
you see the path that leeds to the waterfall and back up is even worse
Proof that your host was in Batad

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