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Philippines Manila 23-04-2016

Yesterday my second day in town. I went to the Chinatown of Manila. and yes a lot of Chinese people there but the look of that part of town lost its Chinese character. So I wandered around stepped in to some churches seen a market or two and went for the best dumplings in town. Being in Manila is not so nice. It is very crowded and dirty. The air pollution is terrible. Traffic jams every where and all day. So luckily I will leave here tonight to go to the rice paddies up north. but later more about them.

Crowded market road blocked and to much people and only one foreigner Than I reached the church
A service at the moment I arrived in the church many people there Cars , cables and stall in the Chinese aera Election flags every where
I do not know why I took this picture but seemed a good idea at the time An othe church
The church ceiling
Ceiling detail
the church from the front
Election crazy
people living in these builds and the water smells like a toilet and worse

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paulus travels