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 Philippines Manilla  20/04/2016

Today I flew from Kota Kinabalu to Brunei and from there to Manilla in the Philippines., After arriving here I have to find my way first because it is a big town,. And also very hectic and a lot of traffic. So in the afternoon I walked a little in the neighborhood to get a feeling. Also went to a bar to have a beer on my brothers health after all it is his birthday to day. The evening I went to a food market to have dinner. There was a band playing, a little to loud for me so when finished with the food and beer I went back to the guesthouse were I write this. I am trying to get an iternary for my trip across the Philippines.

After a first night sleeping in Manila I started early like normal I got awake at 05.00. I start to dislike myself because of that. But a wake is a wake. So i went out side at 5.30 to see what is going on here this early. And already a lot of people out on the street. Going to work, setting up there little shop, or just sleeping there. I have seen more beggars in a day than in the whole of Malaysia. Over here also many street kids just living out there. They come begging and my heart brakes but I am not giving them any money because that will only make them beggars for the rest of there life. One of the means of transport is a jeepney, a big taxi for 23 people. Sounds like a bus but is is not.

Jeepney High rises next to my hostel A part of my Hostel
Early morning breakfast place for locals Some people sleeping on the street

After I had my breakfast I went in to town to see a walled part of the city. This is partly a rebuilt part of a 300 year old fortified part of the town. I walked the wall a bit and then I went inside to find some churches and enjoy the relative quietness of that part of this huge city.

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Tricycle for hire an other means of transport There is a golf track out side the wall Place to view and to shoot the enemy
Armoured truck jou see a lot of them just as police st Augustine Church
Inside the St Augustine a place for the monks to rest and enjoy
A present given by a wealthy family  the face and hands are from Ivory
The church also host a museum of relious art
Crucifixes brought from Mexico
Rich peoples burried in the church
On opf the nicely carved doors
The squire littered with metal
Elections in may so people demonstrating
Just sleeping just nice
Huge diplay of the suffering of the Phillipines
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