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7 may 2017

Today is the day for boarding the Rock Island Aggressor. Check out time of the hostel is 11.00 and boarding time is 16.00. In the mean time we are stuck with all our dive gear, so we move to the marina and try to find a place where we can leave our gear. Luckily we meet the Captain of our ship and his suggestion is to leave the gear in a shop he knows and our gear is save out there. The rest of the hours we spend at the marina. We have brought the car back to Hertz. So we scan the internet and write some mails and what apps to our family and friends. This is the last chance to go on the internet for the next week. So after 16.00 all focus is on the diving. The skiff is picking us up at 16.15 and brings us and gear to the Rock Island Aggressor. After a drink and the welcoming words of the captain and the dive instructor, we unpack our gear and find a place for it where it will stay for the coming days. BCD, fins, shoes and mask stay on the skiff. Your wet suit is on the big boat to slip in to it before diving. The evening I use to get my camera in working order. It is the first time for setting it up to go below. So I have to be precise, I do not want any leaks or other problems with my camera while diving. Breakfast will be served at 06.00 tomorrow morning so get to bed at reasonable time.Sleeping in the cabin is difficult because of the loud airco.

8 may 2017

Coffee tastes good at 5.30 and the breakfast has it all eggs, bacon, jam, and fruits. Just a short time left before dive briefing. First dive is a check dive. So the dive masters will look at your dive skills and for the right set up for your gear. The boat is equipped for diving in a very nice fashion. The skip ( small boat to bring us to the dive sites) slides on a rail and is slowly putting us in to the water. Every body has his own place in the boat so after diving all the stuff can stay.

I write this so much later so I do not know everything as good as normal writing on my website. now it is 7 months later. So I show you the photos i made with my new camera and lenses I bought.

P5080093P508009301 P5080104P508010402 P5080163P508016303
P5080349P508034905 P5080388P508038806
P5090019P509001908 P5090263P509026309
P5090288P509028811 P5090302P509030212
P5090320P509032014 P5090369P509036915
P5090398P509039817 P5090423P509042318

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P5100010P510001019 P5100059P510005920 P5100111P510011121
P5100177P510017722 P5100515P510051523 P5100516P510051624
P5100533P510053325 P5100595P510059526 P5100630P510063027
P5100655P510065528 P5110023P511002329
P5110129P511012931 P5110179P511017932
P5110217P511021733 P5110223P511022334

As you can see an other very nice place to dive. No No a great place to dive. Wow seen so many sharks and other fine stuff. And also the boat became very comfortable. The food was so nice and the taste was extra ordinary .

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paulus travels