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5 May 2017

We arrived in Palau 04.00 hours, after a short flight of 5 hours. Palau is living in the same time zone as South Korea, so no resetting camera, watches and computers. Luckily we can find a taxi fast at the airport and that will bring us to the Guestlodge Palau where we booked a room for two nights prior to embarking our dive base. Time to sleep a little and shower before we will explore Palau. When we wake up and make our self some coffe we walk in to town to raid the local super market. Water thats what we need. Damned it is hot here in the tropics. We also hve to hire a car for the exploration of the Island. That is quikly done at Hertz auto company. So stock up more water some food and a map of the Island we start at 13.00 hours.

Some flowers close to guesthouse
On the road crossing the fiendships bridge . Japan Palau
Detail of a pillar
A wall with painting in one of the villages
sir please make a picture. They speak english here
Fisherman going out
Breakfast time
Old look out made by the Japanese
Papaya grown by the farmer
Later we will go back up by this monorail
The waterfall finally
Mono rail river crossing
Going back and up
Insect eating flower on tree
Church without bells
Under construction
woman fishing in the water
Woman fishing for clamps and other things the sea brings
Girls having fun while swimming around sunset
Sanghun wainting for the best shot of the sunset
A little shack in town

The building on the left is a place where the chiefs of the villages gather decided the things that have to be done to bring more prosperity to the villages. The Drawings on the fron have meaning. The sharks mean strength the rays below there mean a good base is needed for the chiefs. Below the place with a big bowl in front. The boiwl was used for the chopped of heads of enemies.

Bowl in front is for head of enemies
Tropic looks at the sea side

We had a map with all the sites on it, but some were hard to find and other ones where hard to recognize for what they are. But sun leaving us at 18.10 time to drive to the guesthouse and find a restaurant in town. We ate shrimps and squid very well made at the Fishermans restaurant. Grab a shower and go to sleep it has been a long long day

6 may 2017

Still in Palau and not aboard yet. We will board tomorrow and today we explore the rest of the island and find the waterfall we want to see. So get in to the car and Sanghun is driving. Put on the airco because an other hot day in Palau. Not so strange because it is only 7 degrees north of the equator. Hopefully we have some of this weather on the boat as well. The breakfast is made by Sanghun it is spicy and not the usual European breakfast. They would call it ramen. During our ride this it is sometimes raining a bit and sometimes very hard. These islands were occupied by different countries Spain , England, Germany ,Japan and the last the U.S.A. At the moment it is an independent country but using the American dollar as currency. And everything must be imported so it is expensive. Also if you want to go zipping down to the waterfall the price is 80 dollars for a ride we will not do that, to much money.

Ramen 37 celcius in the sun
Tree growning on concrete
WE ask this farmer for directions
Old car will be eaten by the jungle Yes we found the waterfall
Train track made by Japanese Ont the way to the waterfall
The enigine for the monorail
Sanghun as buddha
Water on road turns to steam
Stone Monoliths
Stone face

Palau is an archipelago of diverse terrain ,flora and fauna. The largest island is form volcanic origin.The other island are made of limestone or are atoll. On the big main island there is one highway and it takes half a day to ride around the island.

These islands have been occupied by the Spanish, English, Spanish again. the Germans and the Japanese. All of these left some traces. And the country is divided in 16 states., The last coutry to rule Palau was the USA. Now it is an independent country.

The main income of this country is tourism. They have so many dive sites here and over 1500 species of fish. 17 different species of sharks. And many nice corals.

On Palau page 2 the diving starts

It always rains somewhere
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