Mom and daughter and tree in Bandipur P331010302
Four woman on the square in Bhakthapur IMG_563002
Orange kid with broom  P3280073
Nepal Sadhu in Kathmandu P3120149
Nepal  Two girls in Bandipur
Nepal Black and white on a tree In Bandipur P3310092
Nepal man with hat in fields P3170047

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Man with glasses P3250014 (2)02
Listen to the radio P405011802
Laughing woman i Bakthapur P3080098
Sadhu  in Kathmandu P3120204
Nepal Sadhu in Kathmandu P3120146
Nepal Girl with tyre 3 P3180238
Nepal The size of things they carry Kathmandu P3090130
nepal 2
nepal 2
N man with orange flower P3080119
N man with white head P3080114
N smiling sadhu in Kathmandu P3120231
Nepal  Sadhu in Pashupatinath  Kathmandu P3120227
Red scarf on head P4040013

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