A model in Bandipur P330012503
Blue girl on red P405000802
Girl at little temple Bandipur P331004903
Grandmama at home P3220105
just chillin in Patan  P404013203
Listen to the radio P40501180202
Look at the camera P4050079

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Grandfather at homeP322009802
Flower hat P327002602
Is it cold or what In bakthapur P4040037
It is not a hat P3280087 (2)03
Man grey hat in bandipur P3310038
N a talk at the temple P311010102

Nepal Time




A sigaret after a hard day work Bandipur P3310013 (3)02
Boy bsides the road P330008902
Four girls in Bandipur P330015302
Girl destroying her nail P323016102
Grey man in the grass P323017302
Just dreaming away in Kathmandu P312021803
Man at market Lumbini P3190248
Man from the side in Bakthapur P405006602
Nepal 1
Nepal 1
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