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paulus travels

17-02-2013 Sunday

Hiring a bike today and go to one of the markets in a small village near by. It was at least one hour and very hot. But I got there. It is the same market as yesterday only a little smaller. The rest of the day packing and work on the site. Internet is not working so uploading when I can. Probably it will be in Bangkok

I never saw any one wear this Smokin sales woman at market Fish from the lake
Portrait Portrait
Blacksmith making knifes
Rice crackers
Meat seller protecting the meat fom flies

18-02-2013   Monday

From Inle Lake I took a bus ride to Bagan. Also here not a lot of room avalable so I needed to take a 50 dollar room.  Ok with television and a pool on the premises but still the most expansive room I have ever had on one of my travels. But I wanted to go to this place. The surroundings of Bagan has over 3000 temples or stupas and pagodas, so the views here are very special. I need to be here to make a photo for above my bed. Talking about beds, I have these rotten dreams about loosing the things I love. Not only people but also things. And then I wake up again. I had these dreams some years a go also but now they are more frequently. It scares the hell out of me, but it will be part of a process I am going through.

People I met on one of the bus stops.

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_218146312 _218146613

Marina I tried to meet you but my hotel fucked up with your note and I could not reach you by phone.


paulus travels
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