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paulus travels

16-02-2013 Saturday

The Slovenian couple Jure and Nusa and me we took a trip on the lake by longtail. The boat driver took us to several sites one of them is the market and of course to the fisher man out on the lake. The fisher man use the peddle with there leg. Today I learned a new thing. Here in Myanmar they make silk from Lotus flower stems. It seems this silk is seven times as expensive as the catterpillar silk they make in China and Thailand. It is a very complex pricipal all though a lot of work is involved.

Speed boad Row row row your boat Fisherman with very strang net
Fisher man with strange net same Ming la Bah    means good day
Fisher It is like a circus
Bring the crop to home
Little village at the water At the market
Nice but to heavy
The face covered in sun cream bullshit they try to sell
Smoking lady at the market
Pagodea Praying to Buddha Lady monks in boat
Taking the silk dreads from the stem Weaving the silk
Spinning adread
dyed lotus silk
Working the fields
Scaring the fish in to the nets
Going home after a hard day working
Sticks are for keeping the vegitation from floating awy House on stilts
_216142115 In the temple of the jumping cats
paulus travels
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