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paulus travels
Young monks at monastery Working the farm Local woman
Woman where we had lunch Woman where we had lunch
River where we had a swim and a waterwheel Chaw Suu in the river Ox cart the way to go

15-02-2013 Friday

The day  started with a 2 hour walk to Inle lake and from there a boat ride a cross the lake to Nyaungshwe. The other people all ready booked a guesthouse but I was not able to get one. But luckily I found a dormitory wher i could spent the night. The whole town is fully booked and even when the matras was only 3 cm I was happy to have matras. Many other travelers have to stay at a monastery. So park my stuff and off to have a beer and some food. For the evening dinner I met Stefan and Christine, Jure and  the two couples from the trek, there was also an other Slovenian couple Friends from Jure. ASfter a nice dinner we went to get some sleep.

This man carries Rice crackers Madalay beer Hay shed
Lady wher we stayed the night Road workers crush stone by the hammer
Trekking group left ot right Stefan, Chaw Suu , Nusa, Jure, Diana and Christine
Dry season and hot
This how they use a peddle Once more
He tried to sell us this fish
Cleaning the canal to the village Working the drill of the machine
Burma trek pano 3
Burma trek pano 4
paulus travels
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