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paulus travels
The trekkining company working some kind of agricultural produckt by hand A spiders trap
Posing for us
Burma trek day 1 one of the views

14-02-2013 Thursday

My wish was rewarded, no pain when I woke up. After breakfast we left the monastery for a 6 1/2 hour walk to the next sleeping place only after we cursed the rooster. On the road you sometimes encounter a shop in a village so that is the place to buy some water and other things. Most of the times Coca Cola because of the sugar level. This day took us through a landscape of agricultural fields. Chaw Su was telling us what the locals are producing over there. And I am amazed of the labor these people do in this heat. Walking walking and finaly we reached the place where we would stay the night. Minutes before this place we went  to the only store in town and bought us some whiskey and beer. This was for after dinner. Dinner and breakfast was made for us by a cook who was following by motor so every evening he was there. Lunches where prepared by Chaw Suu. First she went to one of the locals and asked if she could use there kitchen and living space. Very easy it worked every time. So after dinner we had some great fun with the beer and whiskey. Only one sad thing that two of our trekking people had bad stomachs so they were sleeping. Although they tried we where making a lot of noise.

76 year old man where we had lunch His 74 yaer old friend who was speaking english Grandfather with his grand child
Typical Myanmar houses for this area Working the fields Ox cart
Lady running a store we buy water here Too spicy to eat all. Chili Local kids. First I had to tell them to sit down here
Thak you mam Kid sat there and was very shy
Burma trek pano 2
Burma trek day 1 one of the views02
paulus travels
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