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paulus travels

10-02-2013 Sunday

From Yangon I took a bus to Bago, where I staid in the Emperor Hotel. Not realy for emperors but for me good enough. I arranged as guide for the after noon who would bring me to the best sites in Bago by moped. So first a local meal with my guide Coffee was his name.And what did I see a lot more Pagodas. Every village and town has plenty of Pagodas and Monasteries and reclining Buddha’s. Another very hot day an humid as well. Every day so far has been so hot that you run out of energy.

Lunch wit coffee Local cigar factory The temple buildings all look like this
The local plastic dump
Collecting money for a new pagoda Reclining Buddha
Monks praying toghter
The feet look at the person next to the feet
Bad English again
I climbed this Pagoda till the Golden part
Anothe temple
All real gold
Moer little stupas
The main pagoda of Bago
Next to the Pagoda this monastarie

11-02-2013 Monday

Before moving to other places I started this morning by visiting the local market. I have to say not very much new under the sun. I start to get an overload of Asian markets and holy places. So here In Myanmar I did not see very much new things that make me go wild with my camera. Most of the pictures are all ready some where on this site. But here are some of the pictures I took. The afternoon I had to leave at 16.00 to take a bus to Kalaw. .

The white stuff is the local sunblock Lettuce and so Buying one rose for valentine day
What they can load on a bike? The market from above Pans and pots
Speaks fot it self The river with plastic Unloading the car

12-02-2013   Tuesday

I arrived by bus at Kalaw at 03.30 am so in the middl;e of the night. I already picked a guesthouseThe Golden Kalaw  so I went there and they placed me on two chairs to sleep. There was no room available at that time but at 09.00 there would be one. So I fell a sleep on the chairs which were not very comfortable. At nine I changed to the room and stored my backpack. Then I went to Uncle Sams to arrange a trekking to Inle Lake. So at 10 o’clock everything I did what I had to do. The rest of the day I repacked all my stuff so that my backpack could be brought to Inle Lake. But of course there was bad news on the way. All guesthouse where booked to the max. Because I wanted to go to Inle Lake no matter what I took the risk of having to sleep in an expansive hotel or a monastery. During the day a little walk through Kalaw. And an early night. Luckily I found a Dutch book in the guesthouse. After a few pages I fell a sleep.

An other pagoda in Kalaw Painting stripes on the road by hand Coffee that makes music ?
fousr ladies in Kalaw Part of water system Strang vehicle

13-03-2013 Wednesday

The trekking was starting at 8.30 and would last for 3 days and two nights. I joint a group containing a German couple and a Couple from Slovenia and a English Lady. So we met at Uncle Sams. Our guide a very nice young lady from Myanmar called Chaw Su was leading the way the next couple of days. The first daay was very hard on my legs it was an 7.5 hour walk up the hill and down on the other side. You have to drink at least 2.5 liters of water everyday because of the heat. We dicided to go and sleep at a monastery that night. We arrived there around 17.30 and had dinner around 19.20.After we washed all the sweat and dirt off. The landscape we encounterd was very nice and we enjoyed the walk. For me I had been a vry hard day and the knee was hurting like hell. Cross my fingers if I can walk tomorrow. While looking at the stars after dinner I saw a falling star and wished that the pain would go a way   The monastery was filled with young monks. After dinner we watched a documantary about the murder of the father of Aung San Suu Kyi. and the involvement of some British officers. Around 21.00 time to sleep. I was going to be a very bad night for all of us. We where sleeping in the temple it self. At 03.00 the rooster started and never stopped until 07.00. The people of Myanmar use sun block on the face. The sun block is made of the bark of a tree mixed with water

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paulus travels
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