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22-02-2013 Friday

Moving from Bagan to Mandalay was a seven hour bus trip. I booked the at E.T Hotel in Mandalay a 30 dollar room. And what a joy the first hot shower in 3 weeks time. Mandalay is a very noisy and busy town. Like every where in Myanmar people use there horn to let you know that they are on the road to. And most vehicles produce enough dirty gasses. But no complaints internet works a bit so I received  some e-mails. Nice a have to work on my tax papers when I will be in Bangkok. I decided to go back to Bangkok a few days earlier than expected. This because I have had more than enough of Myanmar. People are nice but it is very hard to get sleeping places. This is because this country is changing and a lot of other tourist had the same idea as I. Lets visit now because in three years it will have changed so much more. So after a good meal a got my self ready for the next day. Get the camera fully loaded and the gps.

The bus filled up completly Woman working at construction site Man resting
Motorcycles for kids

23-20-2013 Saturday

An early morning this day I have hired my self a motor taxi to bring me to some of the places around Mandalay. We leave in the dark at 5.30 to see U Bein Bridge. This is the longest Teak bridge in the world situated in Amarapura. They do a lot with teak here because they seem to have plenty of it. In Europe teak is so expensive and over here you see so much of it. They also export a lot of it to China and Thailand. The other village I visited was Inwa there they have a vry nice monastery of teak. 


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Monk at U Bein bridge By foot or bicycle Monks chating
A lot of fisherman on the lake
First light over the lake Throwning the net by fisherman
Kid monks collecting food for the day
I got the whole world in my hands No idea
More fishing
More fishing U bein Bridge the longest teak bridge in the world
Nice reflection
Tree reflected More monks on the bridge
Cloth drying
View from one pagoda to the other one
Long time lady monk
Working at the railway
an other Buddha
At the teak temple
In side the temple
In side the temple In side the temple
In side the temple
In side the temple
out side the temple
Watch tower cant go up
Working the field
one more temple
paulus travels
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