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07-02-2013   Thursday

I left Bangkok at 07.15 hours and heading by plane for Yangon the Capital of Myanmar. It is only a flight of one hour and fifteen minutes. After arriving I took a taxi to the center of the town for 10 us dollar. I went to theChan Myaye guesthouse and there I took a 18 dollar Us room. Clean as far I can see but no internet. In Yangon I would like to see the Shwedagon Paya and the town it self. So the first day I wander around down town and try to get a feel of the place. The time of traveling in these areas is not the best time because of the temperature of over 35 C degrees. But I am here so keep on going.


Just a tower down town Yangon Free of Muslims or free for everyone Selling peanuts
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08-02-2013 Friday

So today I am going to the Shwedagon Paya a Buddhist place which is so very beautiful. The place is centered by a 100 meter high Golden pagoda. The pagoda is covered with 7000 kg of real gold and is sparling in the overwhelming sun light. Around it are several buildings which are all decorated with magnificent carvings in wood and metal. Of all the Buddhist places I have been, this is ranked very high. Ok the Angkor Wat is on top but this place must be raked between place 2 an 5. In the afternoon I visit the market and stroll around between painting, jewelry, cloth, clothes and other stuff I am not going to buy. The evening I spent with a couple of other tourist from the guesthouse. First we go for the sun set at the Shwedagon Paya. and than we go for dinner in China Town. Yes it is very busy there because the Chinese new year is starting. We see some Lion dances and head for the food.


Klik hier voor gastenboek.

Shwedagon Pagoda from distance Shwedagon Pagoda close Shwedagon Pagoda temple with worshippers
Lady mink praying
Monk meditate Shwedagon Pagoda temple
Shwedagon Pagoda with temple
Shwedagon Pagoda by night Shwedagon Pagoda by night 2
Left to right   Mishja, Marta, Showy and Ming
Myanmar beer is ok but light
Girl Monks posing for me

09-02-2013 Saturday

The sleeping is strange I get awake every morning around 05.30 and that troubeling me. This early there is nothing to do and I start to worry about my state of mind during this trip. All the time I have a real strange feeling what I am doing and why I am here. Sometimes I would like to go home. But that would not bring the solution. So I have to hang in and enjoy to see all these nice places in Asia.

Sule Pagoda
paulus travels
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