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Malaysia 16-02-2016


Today it was a day to rest and work on the website. Because of the heat in this country. So I walked the little town had some food and stayed around my not so very nice hostel. For the night I arranged a night safari. They take you on a jeep and ride in to the secondary Jungle ( Palm Oil plantation). Not a real lot to see, but we have seen some owls and a eagle  But suddenly we see two eyes flashing up in our lights. So stop the car and have a real good look. Damned it was a leopard cub. Just having a stroll through the plantation. The mum is on the hunt in the area but we did not see her. So very lucky to see them in the wild.

So hit the sack and wake up early tomorrow because will leave for the Perhentian Islands. For some rest tropical island scenery and some scuba diving. The bus leaves at 8.30  and we will arrive at the island around 17.30. Still have to find a place on the island but luckily it is no high season.

Malaysia 17-02-2016

Taking the bus after a small breakfast sit, read, listen to music and sleep a little .It was 270 km to the boat for the islands. The bus rides the reasonable highways and stops every 2.5 hours in a village or a petrol station to stretch and grab a bite or better ice cream.  The landscape is filled with forests  and oil plantations and mountains.

The hill I a had to walk up with my luggage

Malaysia 18-02-2016

First day for diving. Although the watch is still fucked the divecomputer still works. The first dive took me and Rene another dutchman to Justice wreck. There are 3 wrecks close to each other. The visibility is not so good this time of the yer on the Perhentian Islands. High season will be May till august. But you go diving when you are there. The second dive was a complete disaster because of the bad visibility so after 20 minutes we stopped. Well not a big problem. Put away the gear and grab a beer. The next to days I did 4 more dives. Most went ok but the last one we lost two divers. They were not very experienced divers and because of the bad visibility and the current  they got lost. But when I and the diver master where on the boat again we could see there bubbles and then the dive master went in to get them out. So they are still in good health. Nothing to worry. Any more.

Arived at the Island and the cabins at Abdul s  place. My de luxe cabin

So when I arrived directly went to the scuba center and made a dive arrangement with Universal divers

Then is  was time to go for the sunset.

Sunset at Perhentian Islands

So teh next day I had to leave for Singapore. Leave the island at 12.00 by boat to get a taxi To Kotha Baru. From there take a bus Gua Mussang just a 4.5 hour bus ride. From there I had to take the night train to take me to the border of Malaysia and Singapore

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Just very small beach at Perhentian Islands The diving company
Same monkey taking this leaf for its baby they  kept away  from  people Having dinner with dive company invited by them for birthday party
Sunset again
Island Mosque payed by foreign money Kota Bharu bus station
The upper bed was mine. Do not travel.?
Monkey on my cabin
Charging my elecrical nonsence
4 g telephone tower

In the end it took me 26 hours to reach Singapore. Maybe next time I will fly.

paulus travels
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