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Malaysia 14 and 15 -02-2016

The 14th started very early because the mini van was leaving Tanah Rata ( Cameron Highlands) at 08.00. So wake up at 06.00 pack the last things and have breakfast around 07.00. The ride to Jerantut was taking three hours. So look around a bit, read a bit and sleep a bit. When we arrived Jerantut , the stop over place, we had to take a bus at 13.00 to get to the boat who would bring us to Taman Negara . Taman Negara is the National Park of Malaysia with the oldest Forrest in the world . The boat rid would take us to the entrance of the park. From ther I had to walk to my hotel. They told me it is a 10 minute walk but with my luggage it took me 25. And a lot I mean a lot of sweat. Because my hostel was on top of the village hill. Arrived there it did not make me happy. I ordered a expansive family room for 680 ringit. Dived by 5 and you know how much I had to pay for 4 nights. But that room was not available. So the gave me a 140 ringit room per night. still around 30 euros. So the next day after a good night sleep time for some activities. I took a walking tour through the jungle that would end doing the canopy walk. The guide told us plenty bout the animals and how to use the jungle for staying a life out there. He showed us about the medicinal sides of plants. And how to keep the animals of the jungle at a distance by making smoke and fire. All of that by using plants or trees .


ready for the boat ride in to the park. the river and start of the ride the kind of boats for this river
 a river restaurant got loosee and  washed a shore  poiseness snake huge trees 50 to 70 meters

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The name of the view point above
Looking 45 meters down from canopy walk
even stairs in the canopy walk
This man is the leader of the group of five families  living in this part of the park
Kids like to have photo taken woman not
Kids like to have a phot taken woman not
All Malayan people have straight hair but not the Orang Asli
the canopy walk
Fear of hights dont look

In the afternoon we went to see the Oramg Asli.

The Orang Asli are the people who live in the jungle. They are on of the 18 tribes they have in Malaysia. Here they told us how to make fire and how to use the blow pipe. The weapon of the Orang Asli.

Orang Asli woman sittin on the porch of here house
and then it started to rain for 15 minutes
it is made of nets and ropes. looks safe
m nets
Childeren in one of the houses
Teaching us how to make fire. With out a lighter

On a day like this walking through the jungle with the high temperature and even higher humidity you have to drink at least 2.5 liters of water a day or your liver might give up.   2.5 liters of water with out the beers i mean. after a visit at the Orang Asli we did some rapid shooting. It means the boat goes fast up stream through the rapids. and they rock the boat so you will come out completely soaked

paulus travels
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