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Tanah Rata 13-02-2016

Today I took a taxi to a tea plantation just to have a look at the landscape of it. 8km 15 ringit = 3 euro. Walking along the road here is to hot, although it is 1585 meter above sea level. This cab driver was telling me about the President in this country. He was not happy and called the president and his family crooks and murderers.

So after the story I went in to the tea plantation to have some tea and walk around . And it is always nice to get a bit away from the traffic.

Panoramic of the tea plantation
Tea all around Looking up to the teashop Photo 1 The light green parts are to be plucked
Nice shapes because of the waves in the landscape Workers mowing tea bushes
Mowing machine
Happy selfie family Just to add some color

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Hard and hot work
 a sign about the owners of the tea plantation

Gone home sticking up my thumb on the road to Tanah Rata.

And guess what two nice people brought me to town.

Tomorrow will be a travel day to reach Taman Negara for some more jungle experience.

paulus travels
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