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Ipoh 10-02-2016

An other hot day in Ipoh around  36 C degrees humidity 83% so what to do. Buy water and go to visit two Chinese Temples. Sam Poh Tong Temple and Kek Lok Tong Temple. The last one is inside a cave complex. And again the Chinese people are also there. They come by car with there hole family, Mam, Dad, Kids, Grand children and some times nieces an nephews. So it very busy but doable. As long as you arrive before 12.00. I went by bus and the costs of tis bus trip over 7 km is 22 euro cent.

The Sam Poh Tong Temple is build against a  mountain .. Why they burn so much incense is a riddle to me. The incense is blasting your lungs and eyes. There are huge spirals of incense hanging on the ceiling,

TheKek Lok Tong Temple is made in side a cave system with buildings in the front. They really respect the mountain as it is. Look at the photo with the rock in front of the building. They build it so that the rocks are hanging in front of the building where the monks live.

Shot again before going for breakfast The Sam Poh Tong Temple Praying to SamPho Tong
Rolls of incense Incense hanging on the ceiling
Smokey place
Sam Poh blasted with smoke
Golden statues on top of the Temple Chinese people having a great day
Huge incense sticks to please the gods Dragon in the cave Temple Part of the temple complex inside cave
Rocks dripping over building
Typical Little Chinese garden
Food picture Lemak Collapsed guy not by the heat

During my walks through Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh a problem developed, A couple of times during the day suddenly my newly bought divers watch jumped to another time.

So the one time it was 11.00 am and a little bit later it was 02.38 pm and that in a couple of minutes. So I did reset my time again and again and again. Until I got worried and upset. So I emailed my guy at the dive shop. He did not have an idea what it could be. So we emailed back and forth to find a solution to mend the bloody watch.

He even phoned or contacted the company in Italy. And more questions came my side. But still no solution. Considering it always happened out on the road walking in the god forsaking heat. My guess is that I m sweating so heavily that the two connection points for making the watch talk with my computer react to the small film of sweat that was covering my body and arms. So now Iam carrying my watch in a bag. I hope it will work. And when it does I will try to make the company Mares tochange there models a bit. And give me a better one for the afford.


 Ipoh to Tanah Rata  11-02-2016

Getting up at 07.00 to pack and have breakfast because the bus is leaving at 11.00. And yes the first taxi driver who tried to take my money is a fact. But I won. Did with ease, I know there tricks. No sir you have to go to other bus station.

The bus left at 11.00 for a two hours ride as they told us, but because of the Chinese year the road up the mountain was jam packed. It took us four hours. The good news is the holidays are almost over for the Chinese families, back to work suckers. Make way.

So when I arrived not a lot petrol left in my engine to make photos. Food and a beer that  was the first thing and try to arrange a trip for tomorrow. What would it be ?

It became a jungle walk to see the Raffalesia one of the biggest flowers in the world. First 45 min by car followed by a 2 hour jungle walk see the flower and walk back to the car for 1.5 hours. Followed by a traffic jam from Chinese just like yesterday.

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River in Ipoh last morning Breakfast
Road sign in Tanah Rata Bycicle for rent fat tires
Jungle walk starts here 61 year old guide
Crossing a little river Jungle river and waterfall
Chopped down Teak tree
After two hours of sweat, The raffalesia
It grows out of a root. Local people allways looking for new  flowering plants
Clouds over the mountains
Street art Ipoh
All greenhouses they produce fruit and vegies
Dirty shoe and socks over trousers, because of leeches
The flower only lasts 10 days or so

Tomorrow I will visit a tea plantation

paulus travels
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