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To keep you interested in my diving I show you some screen shots of some of the films I made

Do not go there to many divers The scenery just so beautufull Brian my buddy and your host
Turtle White tip reef shark in cave Butterfly fish on big coral boulder
You need some thing of me, yes just a  close up Idol fish Idol fish


by clicking on the wheel in the youtube screen you can increase the quality. it is in 1080 so give it some time

For the first time since 9 years I did some night dives. While diving in Egypt and doing a night dive I did not feel comfy any more. Because I was feeling very comfy at Layang Layang I gave it a try. Luckily it all worked out fine. so here are some pictures of the last two days at the dive island. and after that some more of the resort.

A sponge coral with on it a seastar This seastar is actualy moving Parot fish behind a coral at night
more parot fish
White tip reef shark
Sweetlips staring at me
My room with huge tv and batroom
They are so close these panes
Satay on bbq night

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The blue lights up in the light White tipo reef shark
Sweetlips hanging around still hanging ouyt with the sweetlips
last of the sweetlips why are they dressed like that
Layang the safest island in the south China sea Hammerhead in my bed
Brakfast staff Milatary plane picking up people for marine camp
We have a kift off This is Hardy the bar tender
Beef cutting
paulus travels
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