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Malaysia Borneo 10 - 11- 12  -03-2016

From Brunei I took two ferries. and arrived in Kota Kinabalu around 15.00 hours. From the jetty a taxi to my hostel. The Lavender Lodge. 18 euro a night but a big bed with the best mattress so far. And hot water in the shower. The diving at Layang  Layang is getting closer and closer. It will start the 13th. So another little resting time in this town. The capital city of Sabah. Sabah is the northern part of Malayan Borneo. The 10th I walked a little through town and went looking for Scuba Junkies to book some dives at one of the close by Islands. Visited the shopping mall for the lunch. And here are some of the photos.

The Market
Comercials everywhere
Marlin Statue in town
Do not come to our piece of land or we shoot you
The Butchers at the market water boats for the Islands in the back of the picture
Cleaning a durian
Here they use the Singer machines
Fishing boats at the harbour
One that sat down for me to take some pictures

In the afternoon I went to walk for 50 minutes to reach a hotel where I was able to book a train ride on the North Borneo Railway. That hotel has two golf areas 4 four swimming pools and to expansive for me to stay there. To far out of town any way

The 11th I went scuba diving at Gaya Island and Sapi Island just some practice for the great adventure coming soon. The diving was nice I saw some nice stuff out there a few sea horses little tiny shrimps. Not so many fish here and the coral is dying because of to many snorkeling people. Later after my trip I will make a full length movie about my Dive experiences.

The 12th I went on the train ride through the jungle with a steam train. The pictures will tell the story.

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Arrival at the platform the crew waiting for me Wood on to the fire to heat up the steam angine _3129965
a real steam train all restored all a board The train attendent
Breakfast served Yes this hor I feel all the time Yippie
Buddha having sigaret
The Chinese temple we visited
Big Dragon
The train under full steam
Sticks of encence
The refubished train inside all wood
Your host
The train changes direction on platform
Filling up with water

I might be of the grid for a week because I do not know about the Internet on the island

paulus travels
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