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Malaysia Borneo 04-03-2016

    Today I am leaving Mulu national park. Yesterday evening I went on a night walk. This was a trilling experience. But because of the darkness no photos. On this walk the guide is showing us the insects of the jungle. They are very hard to find but she and some of the guests are very good in finding them. We saw some really remarkable ones. Nice fluffy ones and ugly ones and a lot of walking sticks. But not only the green ones also big brown ones. This walk showed me how rich the jungle is on different species. Frogs by the hundreds that keep you a wake by night. The more rain the harder they sound. I am sorry that I cant show you any of them. But before I had to leave by plane i had some time left to shoot some photos of a lizard and a few butterflies. After this I went to Miri a little oil town just below Brunei . A 30 minute flight.

Lizard waiting to catch an insect same one Just a tree
Dragon fly Butterfly white and black Butterflie black and green
Butterflie brown spotted inside is white and orange red same same but different lizard
lizard orange and black butterflie I love butterflies
tip to tip 10 cm brown with white spots yellow and blue bird
Night butterfly in my bathroom purple and brown butterfly once more

Butterflies are hard to get in front of your camera most of the time they are like woman. Just when you find a nice one they fly away.

Today was the 4 th of March that means I am 1 month on the road.

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paulus travels
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