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Malaysia 02-03-2016

The morning was filled with a tour to the near by village to visit the market out there and see some more caves and have a swim in one of the waters of the Clearwater cave. The afternoon I rested and tried to update my web site. The internet in the jungle was to slow so I drank a few beers and had a nice dinner. When I Moved to the park for accommodation I slept for 1 night in the dorm. Although a very nice dorm, there you have no privacy. Knowing this by forehand I booked a room for my own for the last two nights. In the dorm I was amazed by all these young kids, when I came back from a beer with Sylvia, they where all a sleep at 21.15 hours. Now talks or nothing just sleeping youngsters. My rhythm is like home go to sleep at 23.00 and wake up early. During this trip I am awake around 06.00 every day. Not because I want to but just get awake and canít get to sleep any more. Luckily I brought instant coffee. Get some hot water pour it on and the system starts working. Ready for a new day.

The little village from the river Made from seeds
Nice baskets made from jungle reeds
Getting in the boats to the caves
Inside the cave looking up
Some stalagtites
Yes I work hard to make you see al this
More stalagtites formations
After the dorm I went to a more suitable place Butterfly checking out my underwear

Malaysia 03/03/2016

Last night having a chat with Sylvia and I heard see was going on a canopy walk at 07.00 so I joined here to do so. The afternoon I had to book a flight and a hostel in Miri my next destination. Mulu does not have a road connection. But flying is just a half hour.

Praise the lord here they are christians
At the river in the boats
Here we had a swim later on.

In the back is a black spot, there the water is coming out of the cave river upwards.

Walking stick hanging upside down

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This should be the longest canopy in the world Walking in front of me Sherena from Melakka
Your host up on the canopy trail
Big snail there are many in here
Fluffy caterpillar
Leaf grasshopper
Bug with nice color
Strange looking insect on tree
Looking down 30 meters up here
Mushrooms on a tree
Butterfly again I just adore them

It is really hard to take photos of the animals here because underneath the leaves it is rather dark.

So I should be buying a better camera and better lenses for next time.

paulus travels
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