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Malaysia Borneo 29-02-2016

Today flying to Mulu National park this is real jungle. The park is world heritage site. It is raining here almost three times a day.. Not like home but real rain just like a few day ago in Kuching . The flight from Kuching took only 1.5 hours  traveling by bus would take me days.. This part of Malaysia you only can travel by plane because of the distance. So you can see I have changed my plans because of the long traveling times. Cebu would take me 8 hours by road and the water conditions on the river might have been that I could not reach my destination ( Kapit and Belaga) . In my guesthouse Radioman In Kuching some people told me that Mulu would be the place to go. And now I can say they where right!!! In the guesthouse I met Sylvia a cool lady from Hamburg. Together we flew to Mulu. There we stayed one night at a terrible Guesthouse out side the park. She stayed I decided to move to the park. After entering Mulu the arriving day we went to the Bat exodus. A real spectacle. Three million bats leaving their daily hide out (deer cave) More on the cave later. The bats come out around 18.00 hours. We had to walk (1 hour) there by taking the path to the viewing area. Of course we had rain on the way there. You get soaked any way because of all the sweating you do. 34 degrees humidity 89%. But when we arrived we thought they might not come out but in the end the walk paid out. First a small burst of bats then an other and an other and then the last two million at once. This is an amazing sight. There are also Bat falcons in the area who try to catch one or two bats. So the bats take different patterns every time.

Bats leaving the cave So many of them Slitting up to roam the  area
Millions of bats

On the way back we saw some big snails and a few frogs. Many of the paths are wooden walk ways so you walk 40 cm above the jungle. This is done to keep you free from leeches.

The next morning (01-03-2016)  I went on a walk by my own to do the botanical trail not so many plants but a very nice jungle walk and nobody else out there. On these trails they place boards whit information about the life of plants and animals. The afternoon I did a tour to the deer cave and the langang cave. This tour is a guided one. These guides provide you with a lot of information , about the time al of this was created 14 millions years ago. Also about how these cave are formed and the influence of the water on the rock formation.  After the caves we went to see the exodus of the bats again. And still an awesome thing to see also for the second time. hope to be able to show some film of that later.

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Hanging bridge to park Yes Butterfly
The entrance of the park
Grasshopper Mushrooms eating a way the tree
Old tree making place for new ones
Viper snake dangerous
Big tallk tree
The first cave looking outwords
one more formation
read this
They call this the Lincoln cave because of the face
inside looking outside and the jungle starts
paulus travels
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