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Malaysia 07-04-2016

After returning from Tabin Wildlife  resort I had to stay 1 night in Lahad Datu. From there I would go over  to Danum Valley Wildlife research center. But first update the page you have seen before and have a little stroll trough town. Lahad Datu ios  not a very cearfull place but it has to do. So I walked in the morning  to the market before having my breakfast.

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The transport to Danum Valley was at 15.00 so a big  part of the day spoiled doing nothing.And that is a pity because I am staying in Danum only 2 nights.

So after a two hour drive only time to do a night  walk. I have a strange Swiss guy who is my buddy for this trip. Not a bad guy but strange a bit of a selfish loner walking barefoot and eating fruits only. So no company at the dinner table. The night walk just shows us a few insects. We wanted to see the elephants who are not so  far away but the guide could not find them. So this is what it is.


This insect is a lantern bug I showed you before but these photos are nice. In the middle the guid  turned the bug on its back to show the colors. Then it jumped up to the  cigaret of the guide. After that we only saw a chameleon all though I never saw one before.


Coming back from the night walk I had a beer a went to sleep at 22.30  because thje next morning we had to get up at 04.45 to see the sunrise  over Danum Valley from a tower

pano danum valley02

After breakfast I did some trails on my own because the fruit man was to tired to do the walking. I know for sure now I am not a real jungle man Iam a scuba diver. Walking 10 km through the jungle I can’t spot the  animals as the guides do. But never the less I have a good time. Spot some insects and birds and just keep drinking water all the time.  Because Iam sweating from every pore of my body.

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Sunrise over Danum Valley from viewpoint high up


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