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Malaysia 03-04-2016

Leaving Sandakan behind me and taking a bus to Lahad Datu. This little city is only a place in which I stay for one night and than return 3 days later for another night. I am going to Tabin wild life resort. After a two hour drive a am arriving there at 13.30 . The ride brought me along a huge stretch of oil palm plantation.

Palm Oil Plantation

As far as your eyes can see the same tree over and over.


A palm tree goes for 20 to 25 years otherwise they cant harvest any more (to High ) So before they can replant they strip the area and then it looks likes this

`When I reached the Tabin Park I was forgot about the oil plantation because it is a very nice place. My cabin on a small river is just fantastic. My guide Allister is a nice guy and very polite. The group I am in is with a couple of New Zealand. They are very nice and with the dinner they invited me to there table. So I do not feel alone here. In the afternoon we went for a long walk through the jungle and I will not talk about the humidity any more. These are some of the photos.

12 cm butterfly Big tree Mushrooms
Lizard Lizard
Walking to the mud vulcano
The mud vulcano upclose Gekko at my room
Cicada on my pillow these are the insects that make such a lot of noise

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paulus travels